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Our Fall Cohort Begins September 7th

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You probably just spent the last 18 months being all the things...

Employee, teacher, tutor, chef, maid, and chief explainer of these wild times to little ones. Tired doesn’t even begin to capture it.

And now you’re staring down another school year full of so many unknowns.

Are schools going to be able to stay open?

Will my precious little one be safe at school?

Will everyone be diligent about masks?

We don't have the answers, but we do know that we're showing up for the families who continue to need a virtual option.

  • So whether you're a homeschooling family wanting to shake things up...
  • You have a little who's not quite ready for preschool but needs something more...
  • Or you're a family who's wary about heading back to in-person learning this fall...

We've got your back.

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We supported over 200 families last school year, and despite these wild times, our kids and families flourished.

“The best decision I have made as a parent in the past year is to sign my daughter up for Village Virtual.

Every single teacher she has had has been nothing but kind, patient and very intentional with their words and actions. They have talk about things that seem like it would be hard to discuss with 4 year olds but that opened up the discussion for us at home (environmental activism, equality…) We have been blessed with this program and so thankful for the world of opportunity it has opened for our kiddos. Thank you!!”

— Ashli Nicole

“When things got hard, Nicole and the Village staff stepped up. They created a new platform to connect with kids who don’t otherwise have the option.

When so much was taken from our kids overnight, the Village team found a way to give some of that community back. They have been innovative and are adapting each and every week as they learn on the job. The experience for my son has only gotten better and better.

- Jessi 

"I am so grateful to the founder and her vision for this program. There is NO OTHER program out there like it.

Trust me, I did all the research. You’ll leave this program fulfilled. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- Danielle

Our program has to two core components that we crafted with care so littles love every minute of learning.

We help littles one engage in joyous learning by cultivating an intentional class schedule that supports their holistic development.

Community Groups

Community Groups bring the same small group of ten children together to investigate a different focus area each week. It’s a classic progressive preschool classroom gone virtual.

  • 4 times a week - MTWTh
  • 50-minute sessions
  • Same group of 10-12 students
  • Cohorts at 9:30AM EST, 10:30AM EST & 2:00PM EST
  • Delineated by age
  • Taught by experienced teachers

Our curriculum centers around taking care of Mother Earth, taking care of ourselves, and taking care of each other.

Here's Just A Few Of The Weekly Focus Areas Our Learners Will Explore This Semester:

  • Teeny, Tiny Creatures: How Bugs Make A Big Impact
  • Beyond My Belly: The Journey Of A Bite
  • The Mysterious World Of Trees
  • Protecting Our Oceans
  • Environmental Justice: We Can Make A Difference
  • Unapologetically Me
  • Loving Our Bodies, Loving Ourselves

While we change our focus area weekly-ish, the core components of class remain the same, creating a comforting sense of rhythm and routine for our kiddos:

  • Individualized Greetings
  • Outer Weather
  • Inner Weather (Feelings)
  • Dance Breaks
  • Mindfulness & Yoga
  • Core Learning & Exploration
  • Gratitude
  • Goodbye Song

Expression Stations

We have 20 classes each week that provide tons of fun activities for littles to let loose and grow. Think of them as thoughtful extracurriculars.

Eureka! Our budding scientists explore a different scientific principle through an engaging experiment each week. Through inquiry, we will unpack the underlying logic.

Once Upon A Time. We believe literacy is everything! We’ll help little ones beef up their reading and comprehension skills through our interactive storytime.

Phonics Phenom 3s/4s or 4s/5s. We’re giving Bob Books a run for their money. Through engaging activities, little ones soak up the building blocks of words. It’s so fun they won’t even recognize they are learning. 

Writing Whiz 3s/4s or 4s/5s. Using Montessori principles, children will build their writing skills. For the youngest little ones, we focus on building strength through appropriate activities. For older littles, we will practice letter tracing, recognition, and formation. 

Mathletes 3s/4s or 4s/5s. Through engaging games, children build their mathematics skills. From number recognition to 1:1 correspondence, we will make sure their math skills are on point for kindergarten. 

Move & Groove. We introduce some of the fundamental principles of music (hello scales) and back it up with a lot of fun dancing and movement to the hits. No boring babie-fied songs here.

Art Appreciators. We believe it is never too early for little ones to learn about the wild and wonderful world of art. We expose young children to famous pieces of art from a collection of diverse artists. Using inquiry, littles ones will explore what they notice about the art and what it might mean.

Martial Arts Masters. Wax on. Wax off. In this class, our students meet a martial arts master to begin their study of martial arts. All that’s missing is the corny-yet-cool training montage. 

Conscious Kids. Mindfulness and yoga should be the bedrock of education everywhere. These sessions introduce little ones to these beautiful practices in age-appropriate ways that will serve them for the rest of their life.

Top Chef. Little ones will whip up a new, no-cook recipe each week. Focused on whole foods and recipes that are a minimum healthy-ish, kiddos will practice math with measurement, fine motor skills, and creativity

Mad For Mandarin. Through music, storytelling, and vocabulary, littles will begin to build their understanding and just might be more conversational than you by summer’s end. 

On Broadway. Our littles will learn the art of musical theatre and reap all the benefits this beautiful outlet creates. From giving voice to our emotions to learning to work with others, littles will sing, act, and dance their way to their higher selves.

Bold Ballerinas. To help make sure every little one cherishes their body unapologetically, we’ve blended together age-appropriate body positivity with ballet for an amazing experience.

So Village might be the right fit for your family if you want your little one to:

  • Flourish in an environment rooted in awareness, love, integrity, courage, creativity, and play
  • Practice meditation, breathwork, and yoga
  • See diverse characters, dolls, authors, artists, and teachers
  • Build their problem-solving skills
  • Learn from experienced and engaging teachers
  • Grow in a black women-led school committed to embodying anti-racist and anti-bias principles and practice
  • Have a daily flow that allows for conscious structure AND tons of independent play
  • Cultivate a gratitude practice and thankful heart

If your heart screams YES! when you read those, you might have found your place.

Sounds Great...But How Will We Make Sure My Little Is Ready for Kindergarten?

We’ve built our program to honor children’s personhood while equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.


We Built Our Program Using The Most Trusted Kindergarten Readiness Framework.

We use the Gold Rubric, the leading progressive skill assessment guide for kindergarten readiness to guide our programming at a high level. Using this framework as a reference allows us to ensure all of our students are ready for kindergarten, no matter the environment they are headed for.


We Know The Most Important Skills For Kindergartners Are Socio-Emotional Skills.

Research tells us that socio-emotional skills are the most important skills we can focus on in preschool. Our program is designed to focus on cultivating these key skills. Through meditation, yoga, exploring our feelings daily, and breathwork, our children emerge with social, emotional, and regulation skills.


We Believe Children Learn All Skills Best When Given Space To Explore, Question, Reflect & Play.

We believe preschool is a time for learning through play and open-ended exploration.

We've translated our in-person, nature- and play-based approach to the virtual context. While it's not a flawless translation, you’ll find we engage the children in a lot of observation, reflection, experimentation, and discussion.

We do not use ANY worksheets and flashcards as this is out of alignment with our pedagogy and belief system. If you are looking for a rigidly academic preschool program that focuses on drilling skills and memorizing facts, we are not a good fit for your family.


Our Resident Certified Montessorian Has Developed Classes That Target Academic Kindergarten Readiness Skills.

While we firmly believe in the power of play for all learning domains, we also think purposeful, intentional introduction of some academic skills can be helpful and engaging for young children, especially for virtual learning. Our certified Montessorian has developed a virtual-first Montessori curriculum. In particular, our Writing Whiz, Phonics Phenom, Mathletes, and Once Upon A Time Exploration Station classes have been developed to help children advance core kindergarten readiness skills.


We Communicate Progress With Parents.

At the end of every week, our teachers email a newsletter recapping what we explored this past week and highlighting a joyous moment for each individual child. Additionally, at the end of the semester we send each family a Reflection Recap that details how we've seen their child grow, what we're grateful for about their child, and how we will continue to support their growth.

I was initially skeptical that online preschool could be effective, but Village did an amazing job getting my son ready for kindergarten...

In just a few months Village classes helped him foster a love of cooking, science experiments, and learning Mandarin, all while providing a community that gave him the confidence to speak up and ask questions. For any on the fence I'd encourage you to give Village a chance.

—John Y.

See it for yourself with a free preview class.

When you're ready, there are three ways you can join us for the fall semester.

We have three different passes designed for the different needs of families during this wild time.

Class Pass

Built for homeschooling families looking to spice things up or families looking for afterschool activities.

  • THREE Awesome Expression Stations Per Week. You choose ANY three 30-minute expression station classes to attend per week.
  • Enrolled In Our Signature Community Groups. A beloved component of our programming, your child will be enrolled in engaging small group sessions that meet with a dedicated teacher four times a week.
  • Priority Sign-Up for Class Times & Sessions.


We're In! 

Explorer Pass

Built for families who want to use Village as their primary school but have other supplementary activities lined up.

  • Access To Three Specific Exploration Stations: Eureka!, Phonics Phenom, & Once Upon A Time. You'll attend each of these 30-minute classes 1x per week.
  • Enrolled In Our Signature Community Groups. A beloved component of our programming, your child will be enrolled in engaging small group sessions that meet with a dedicated teacher four times a week
  • Priority Sign-Up for Class Times & Sessions.


All-Access Pass

Built for families who want Village to be the center of their school experience this year and want to go all in!

  • ANY SIX! Awesome Expression Stations Per Week. You choose six 30-minute expression station classes per week from our entire roster of 16+ classes.
  • Enrolled In Our Signature Community Groups. A beloved component of our programming, your child will be enrolled in engaging small group sessions that meet with a dedicated teacher four times a week
  • Priority Sign-Up for Class Times & Sessions.


Our Inclusion Fund: Know that if you love what we do but this isn't financially accessible to your right now. We have an inclusion fund. Please apply here as soon as possible.

Whatever option your choose, we know this will be a transformational experience for your little one. We love this story Megan shared about her son's growth:

"I couldn’t of asked for a better way for my son to start his education. Being a 3/young 4 year old, I wasn’t quite ready to send him to preschool.

The fact that he got an excellent education where I could be by his side supporting him, is priceless. The diversity of topics, loving environment, and outstanding curriculum were beyond my expectations.

My son started off with his community group timid and afraid to even talk with the group. His awesome teacher, guided not only him but me as a parent on how to best support him. In the next few months, I watched him gain so much confidence.

He now eagerly participates and joins in songs and dancing."

And if for some reason don't love your experience, we'll give you your money back.

This is our 100% money back guarantee.

We're willing to do this because we believe in this program THAT MUCH! We want to back up every claim on this page and put our money where our mouths are.

We're here to provide value. To help a generation of parents do things differently so we can create a brighter world.

If after two weeks and attendance of at least five classes you decide this isn’t for you, we will refund you all of your money. We just ask that you flag your concerns to us and give us 3 classes to turn things around.

After our two-week grace period, there is a two-month commitment for the Explorer and All-Access Pass membership to ensure classroom continuity.

This is our commitment to YOU. The risk is 100% on us.

When you join us, you'll see just how committed our team is to building thoughtful and joyful educational experiences for little ones.

Hi! I'm Nicole. I'm so honored you're here. I love creating nourishing communities for parents and little ones alike. After working in sales and EDI at Google (while moonlighting as a farmer) and getting my Masters at Harvard, I started Village with one mission in mind: create intergenerational healing through thoughtful education. My passion here stems from my own work as a nanny, volunteering in daycare centers, leading children's classes on my farm, and my grandmother's own daycare center, a legacy I'm honored
to carry on through Village.

You know that saying, it takes a village... this is what Village is all about. A program that has given us an amazing opportunity to actually get more involved in our children's education, participate in their learning process, rediscover the world through the eyes of our 4-year-old

— Caroline, Mom of 2

More Love From Our Parents About Just How Awesome Their Experience With Village Has Been

In these times, you need a Village. Let us be yours.